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How to Wear Your Handbag

>> Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to Wear Your Handbag

Accessory and necessity in the same time, a handbag is that fascinating piece whose main purpose is to complete a woman's outfit. Chosen and worn properly, a handbag can enhance or cancel the beauty of your silhouette. Regardless the style you like, a classic or a more relaxed one, it is mandatory that your handbag to balance your entire look. 

Sometimes we find it hard to choose the perfect dress or pair of shoes. But do we pay the same attention when picking out a handbag? Do we take into consideration things such as our body type, the occasion and the outfit we are wearing? These are important elements that should remind us that a handbag is not just an accessory.

Bold handbag
Animal prints, sequins or bright colors are the tricks that can make you draw all the attention. If you love this type of bags then you certainly look to be in the spotlight. However, you should be careful as a handbag that stands out could cause both positive and negative reactions. Therefore, you should be prepared.
If you choose a bag in bright colors, go for an outfit in colors that are on the opposite end of the color wheel. You can also team it with a neutral outfit or with a print in order to emphasize the beauty of your bag. Avoid matching colors in the same spectrum.
A patterned handbag should never be paired with a patterned outfit as it can become a total disaster, unless you have a special fashion sense and you know how to mix things together. The most simple way is to use only one pattern. 

A clutch is a versatile piece that denotes a sophisticated air. It doesn't need too many things as it is a confident and very well organized item. A clutch is easily held in hand, and it is characterized by a very beautiful exterior and a compact interior. Clutch purses can be made of leather, satin, velvet, cotton, crochet materials and knitwear.
You can not go wrong if you go for a classic clutch for a more formal event or for a night out. For a wedding or different parties, a golden or silver clutch is the perfect choice. However, you should consider something bigger and more practical when you go shopping. For a day at the beach you can choose a clutch with floral patterns.
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(Ami Schaheera and Jezmine)

Retro handbag
A handbag with animal prints and fringes can be a very trendy item remembering us of the '80s. Vintage will always be hot, especially if you know hot to wear the style. Whenever wearing a vintage outfit remember that “vintage” doesn't mean simply dressing up. Always make sure to balance your look by mixing vintage and modern pieces. Pair a simple white t-shirt with jeans, a boyfriend blazer and a beautiful, unique vintage handbag.

XXL handbag
A large handbag is the perfect choice for a casual, everyday look. Even if sometimes a XXL handbag may seem to be very helpful, there are times when this can make you look untidy. Sometimes, a big bag full of different items can be a sign of chaos and disorder in the life of the person wearing that handbag.
If you decide upon a functional XXL bag you should consider colorful and lighter models.
Due to its casual touch, you can team your large bag with a laid-back summer outfit such as a loose dress, or skinny jeans and a top, and flat or high-heeled shoes or sandals.

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